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Global Warming

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Trump's climate cuts could result in... A new analysis quantifies the 'Trump Effect' on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, finding emissions begin to flatten or increase by 2020 under his policy plans.

How warming is profoundly changing a great... The abrupt change in direction of a Yukon river because of a rapidly melting glacier has attracted international attention. But this bizarre development is just one of many climate-driven events that are transforming a vast sub-Arctic area of Canada and Alaska.

Oslo, London, Amsterdam lead push for greener... Oslo, London and Amsterdam are leading a shift by major cities to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from transport, helped by new technologies that will help to curb climate change and reduce air pollution, a study showed on Tuesday.

Can crowdfunding help scale up solar power for... A community of young European investors is helping solar firms thrive on the African continent when local banks are reluctant to offer loans.

Trump is expected to sign orders that could... The moves to expand offshore drilling and roll back conservation on public lands would begin to fulfill a campaign promise to create thousands of jobs in energy.

Most global investors recognize financial risk... For the first time a majority of global investor heavyweights recognize the financial risks of climate change, according to the results of a major global index rating how investors manage such risks.

Koch Industries and other corporations lobbied... While public-interest groups were complaining, well-connected corporate lobbyists stalked the halls of Congress to make sure Trump's team was confirmed by the Senate.

Juggling live hand grenades. For those who are paying attention, only the specific details of the inevitable processes of societal simplification and economic/population shrinkage remain unknown.

Millions of Colombians at risk from climate... Climate change has put nearly 12 million Colombians at risk from natural disasters like flooding and landslides, which could kill hundreds and cause serious infrastructure damage, the environment minister said on Tuesday.

New study California drought boosted... California’s brutal five-year drought did more than lead to water shortages and dead lawns. It increased electricity bills statewide by $2.45 billion and boosted levels of smog and greenhouse gases, according to a new study released Wednesday.

Mining group to support pulling out of Paris... A coal mining industry group's board of directors voted on Tuesday to press President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement — just one day after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt met with the group's leadership to discuss the accord.

House 'science nerd' seeks to correct the record. Rep. Don Beyer proudly claims the title of "science nerd," though he admits he lacks the specific technical knowledge to correct misleading scientific statements at a recent House Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing on climate science.

State prosecutors urge Trump not to withdraw... More than a dozen state prosecutors urged President Donald Trump in a letter on Tuesday not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, which commits the United States, along with 200 other countries, to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in an attempt to slow global warming.

Many recusals for acting chief of DOJ... Jeffrey Wood, the acting head of the Justice Department's environmental branch, is having to step aside from dozens of cases facing the government, both because of his past work for an Alabama law firm and Trump administration ethics restrictions, newly released documents show.

Edible insects give Mexicans a taste of history... Mexican chefs are embracing entomophagy, or bug eating, amid heightened interest in their country's heritage. But the high-protein, low-impact cuisine could have lessons for the rest of the world, as well.

Record breaking rain, dangerous flooding in... The rain finally stopped falling and streams began to recede in the Triangle, but many low-lying areas remain flooded after a storm that dropped record amounts of rain over three days.

Trump's already making his mark on climate. His policies mean the U.S. could release billions more tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the coming decades compared with what Barack Obama envisioned.

International food crops could vanish as... We already know that humans are depleting vital groundwater resources across the globe. But a new study shows one of the biggest causes of disappearing groundwater is the international food trade.

Analysis: Trump’s top environmental win is in... Nearly 100 days into a presidency remarkably thin on legislative success, one area where the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress have notched indisputable gains is on the environment.

Trump: 100 days that shook the world - and the... Three months in, the future is totally unpredictable. But a dramatic fightback is under way. Four activists tell us how they are adapting to the new normal.

Can slag heaps help save the planet? British scientists are exploring ways to use the steel industry’s waste to capture carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Free bicycles reducing pollution in China. Innovative bicycle schemes in China and India are tackling chronic air pollution problems and congestion by encouraging people to stop using cars.

The electric car revolution now faces its... Will people still buy them when the subsidies are gone?

Tens of thousands marched for science. Now what? Organizers hope that the success of the March for Science signals that researchers are ready to mobilize.

Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore... New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump's lead on climate change and declared his intention to help save an international agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

John Kerry: Why I’m an optimist this Earth Day. Despite all the reasons for concern and condemnation that I could dwell on, I’m an optimist this Earth Day. I’m an optimist because of the lesson I learned on the first Earth Day 47 years ago when I was one of 20 million Americans who took to the streets to demand that leaders protect our environment.

Neil deGrasse Tyson slams science deniers for... An April 19 video captures 16 million viewers with a warning that science denial could ultimately destroy democracy.

Fighting global warming, one town at a time. The fight against climate change is heating up in Boston’s suburbs, where environmental advocates say President Trump’s fiery rhetoric and calls to end federal funding for global warming programs has only kindled a sense of urgency to battle the global threat.

How Singapore is creating more land for itself. The island off the southern tip of Malaysia reveals the future of building in an epoch of dwindling territory.

California's deluge of rain washes away a... The rains that lashed California this year have exposed the extent and agony of homeless women and men who have long made homes along the banks of the now-swollen rivers across California, and particularly in Sacramento.

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